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Why Should You Buy LG ‘s Electric Slide-In Range? – LSEL6337F Review

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In this video you will learn the best features and a few problems of the LG LSEL6337F electric slide-in range. You will also learn the reliability based on over 40,000 service calls logged by our service department just last year. In the end you will know if the LG LSEL6337F is right for you.

The LG has 5 burners, two being expandable for larger pots. The oven is huge at 6.3 cubic feet which is the largest in this price range. It also has smart functionality as well.

However, not all of the features are worthwhile. Air fry needs improvement according to our recent tests. We have not been able to crisp any food in any range from any brand using air fry mode at this time. They also added air sous vide which requires you to vacuum seal a bag for a 2-hour mode, then you have to pan fry for texture. Yale has not yet tested this feature.

For $500-1000 more, you can buy an induction model with the fastest boiling, and lowest simmer. Induction operates by magnetic heat, it’s also easier to clean and the most child safe.

You should definitely consider buying this LG model.

Sure, some of the features don’t work, but that is true for every band offering these features, however, the important ones do.

Namely, you have a large oven with expandable burners, new smart technology, and most importantly good reliability.


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